Lop is a commercial and marketing consulting company specialized in technological products.

We seek the most suitable opportunities for each client and thereby enhancing each business in the market.

This increase is only possible through our different business areas:
Lop cards – content development for pre-paid cards : POSA or POR;
Lop health – solutions for health monitoring and users’ well-being;
Lop point – catalog management services and incentive programs;
Lop retail – resale of technology products and brand management;
Lop store – online store where it is possible to find products of the most prestigious consumer electronics’ brands.
Mister Gadget® by lop – communication and disclosure of new technologies.


Lop currently exports to São Tomé e Principe, Angola, Cape Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, England, Holland and Dubai.

Lop is distinguished by the experience and easiness which makes each product or service into a desirable and “emotional product”.

Each customer and each product has a story to tell. Tell us your story and we will put your products and services in the future!

A lop no Mundo